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Performance "In One Breath", Tour of America and Canada September 2019!!!

The play “In One Breath” with Alexander Dyachenko and Alena Ivchenko.

The metropolitan artist Robert, spoiled and caressed by the life of a star, by force of necessity ends up in a small provincial theater. It is here that he meets a theater worker, whom he disdainfully calls “darling,” pointing out to her in every possible way what a great actor was in the local dressing room today. Robert has no idea how important and truly fateful this meeting with the “gray theater moth” will be for him. There will come a time when he will have to take off his masks, open his heart and rethink much of what has happened to him over the past 20 years. He does not realize that it is this “gray moth” that will change the course of things that is familiar to him and will do what he has been waiting for so long, wasting his life and playing, in his words, “to rupture the aorta.”
The brilliant performance of Alexander Dyachenko and Alena Ivchenko will undoubtedly bring great pleasure to all theatergoers!
No viewer will remain indifferent to this light, kind, funny and very touching story, which is played by popular and stylish actors, indeed, in one breath!

ALEXANDER DYACHENKO is an actor with magnificent appearance and soul-penetrating eyes, one of the main sex symbols of Russian cinema, musician and producer. Viewers know him from the films “Women’s Intuition”, “Marriage by Will”, “Star”, “Bayazet”, “Icon Hunters”, “Leshy”, “Friend or Foe”, “Women’s Intuition”, “Two Sisters”, “Ashes”, “Major”, “Fragments”, “One for All Again”, “Late Flowers”, “Summer Vacation”, “Hunting for the Gauleiter”, “Double Lies”, “Hunter-Killer” (USA) and many others. He was able to make a career in Hollywood, filmed in Ukraine, Belarus, Sweden, Finland, and India. In total, he was involved in more than fifty films, in most cases playing central roles.

ALYONA IVCHENKO is of Belarusian origin, who received recognition from television viewers after her work in the films “Formula Zero”, “The Empress and the Robber”, “Photograph”, “I’m Flying”, “You are Me”, “Formula Zero”, and the TV series “March” Turetsky”, “Poor Nastya”, “Doomed to become a star”. The actress is often involved in dubbing and scoring various projects on television channels. Actresses Sharon Stone, Nicole Kidman, Julia Roberts, Salma Hayek spoke in the voice of Alena Ivchenko.