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Frequently asked questions

How to order tickets from a phone?
Tickets can also be purchased by a phone call, you can find our phone number at the top left corner of our website or in "Contact Us" page. The operator will reserve seats and will accept payment. The additional processing fee is charged. The admission ticket will show the price without the amount of service.

How safe is it to pay for an order with a credit card? How is my personal and credit card data is secured? When buying through your website.
Paying with a credit card on this site is the safest type of purchase. The order payment page is securely protected from hacking attempts. All data that is entered on this site automatically, at the same time encoded and encrypted directly to the credit company. The ticket seller receives only confirmation of the order and payment. Any possibility to find out or obtain credit card details is excluded, information is not stored in any form. If the payment is made directly on the site (online) even the employees of the site cannot find out or get credit card details. In any case, the choice of how to pay for the order is always yours. Recall, the order can be paid for yourself (on the site in real time) or by phone, by calling the number listed on the site.


What will happen to my tickets if the show is canceled?
We will notify the ticket buyer if the show is canceled through the email address they provided. The money will be returned in full value of the tickets to the credit card with which the order was made. The operator automatically sends a letter with information about the cancellation or postponement of the event or information about the procedure of return tickets and money.

Is there a refund if I don't get to the show?

In case you did not get to the show, then, regardless of the reasons, the money will not be refunded. In accordance with the Consumer Protection Act.



Is it possible to cancel purchased tickets or change them to another date?
Paid tickets cannot be refunded or changed to another date, except in cases of cancellation of the event. You can publish an ad for the sale/exchange of tickets on our website in the "Announcements" page and find yourself an acceptable option for you to sell purchased tickets.
How do I make changes to an order I've already made?
You can make changes ONLY to the data of the TICKET, no later than 48 hours before the event. To make changes in order contact us through our email or phone number provided in the "Contact Us" section



What should I do if I have trouble signing up?
If you have any difficulties during check-in, make sure you filled all the fields correctly and meet all the check-in conditions. If you can't complete your registration after that, please contact us at info@myeasytickets.com or call 929-416-6053. We'll find out why these problems might occur and help you solve them as soon as possible.
What if you forget your password?
To recover your password, use the password reminder service. An email will be sent to your e-mail with a link to change your password.

What if I lost an order confirmation letter?
If you haven't recorded your order number or can't find proof of your order in an email, please contact us. All contact information can be found on the "Contact Us" page.


Is it possible to find out more information then on the website by phone or to find out the phone of the organizer?

All information related to the performance is located on the website, on the page of the event. All information and data are presented in the fullest form as possible, with descriptions, dates and times of sessions, plans and descriptions of the halls, addresses of performances, number of tickets and their cost. Please read all the information carefully. If you do not find something on the site, then it does not know the operator answering the phone. The phones of the organizers are confidential information and are not subject to disclosure, or transfer to a third party. It should also be taken into account that the organizers do not work with buyers and do not provide background information.


Can I buy seats that I do not see available on the site? If the show I'd like to buy tickets for, says "No Tickets." Can your operators have them on their phone?
To check if tickets are available or all sold out, you need to call the operator at the box office 929-416-6053



How will I get informed about new events?
In order to be aware of upcoming performances, entertainment events and not to miss the cultural event you are interested in, you need to subscribe to our website, filling out the appropriate form on this site. You can also follow our Facebook page, we always post news, upcoming events and more. Our Facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/MYEASYTICKETS.COM



I made an order but didn't receive an e-mail coupon notification, what do I do?

The coupon notification is sent immediately, after payment. If you don't get it, check spam or unwanted mail in your inbox. It's also possible that you made a mistake in writing your email address, so the coupon didn't arrive. You can always contact us by email or phone call provided in the "Contact Us" page.