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The Rock Band "THE FLOWERS"

The Rock Band  "THE FLOWERS"

17 October 2024   20:00

Tribeca Performing Arts Center

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18 October 2024   20:00

Julius Littman Theater Miami

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20 October 2024   19:00

Pine Manor College

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The band "Flowers" is a Classic Rock group, with which, according to the magazine "Itogi", "the entire domestic non-format began." “Flowers” was created in 1969 by guitarist and songwriter Stas Namin. In 1973, “Flowers”, as a student ensemble, released flexible records at the Melodiya company, which sold 7 million copies. Having gained enormous popularity in the USSR, in 1974 the group began its professional touring activities. In 1975, due to a conflict with the Philharmonic, the group broke up, and then by order of the Ministry of Culture it was disbanded, and its name was banned, and only in 1977 it was restored under under the new name “Stas Namin Group” and began touring in 1978, remaining banned in all central media.

In 1980, during the Olympic thaw, the group for the first time managed to record a solo album on “Melody” “Hymn to the Sun” and appear on TV, after which they were again banned. Until 1986, the period of prohibitions and persecution continued, after which, with the beginning of perestroika, another life began: Stas Namin’s group “Flowers” began to tour, went to the West and made a world tour in four years. In 1989, the group stopped its activities and for the next ten years practically did not exist.

Having gathered in 1999 after a break, “Flowers” celebrated their 30th anniversary with an anniversary concert, but even after that, they did not return to show business, but worked at the Stas Namin Theater of Music and Drama, participating in the creation of the musical “Hair”, a rock opera “Jesus Christ Superstar” and other projects.

On their 40th anniversary, at a new stage in their lives, “Flowers” again began an active creative life.” In 2009-2010, the group recorded double albums at the legendary Abbey Road studio, “Back in the USA,” which included all their songs from the 1970s, and “Open Your Window,” which included their banned songs from the 1980s. After the anniversary concert on March 6, 2010, released on DVD, “Flowers”, for the first time in more than 20 years, again appeared on the big stage and resumed regular touring activities. In 2012, the group held a big concert at the Grand concert hall, where, in addition to their famous hits and banned songs of the 1980s, “Flowers” presented the public with a modern, completely new repertoire. This concert was released on to 2 DVDs - Homo sapiens/Homo sapiens and Flower power/The power of flowers

Duration was 1 hour and 40 minutes