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The Rock Band "GP"

The Rock Band "GP"

19 March 2025   20:00

Julius Littman Theater Miami

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20 March 2025   20:00

Tribeca Performing Arts Center

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The long-awaited tour of the GORKY PARK group!

As part of the group's world tour "Gorky Park" in the USA, in 2024.

With a big revival, after a 30-year hiatus, of the Gorky Park group took place at the SNC-35 festival on August 29, 2022

A modern international composition of the cult rock band “Gorky Park”, assembled from the best Europian and American musicians. Among them is the famous Europian virtuoso, lead guitarist and vocalist Oleg Izotov; a member of the world famous bands The Dead Daisies, Thin Lizzy, Whitesnake, bass guitarist and vocalist Marco Mendoza (USA); drummer Kenny Aronoff (USA), who worked with the iconic Smashing Pumpkins, John Fogerty and Tony Iommi; 17-year-old Europian virtuoso, lead guitarist and vocalist Timofey Grigorovich; and with a unique voice, already known in Europa for his solo projects, lead vocalist Sergei Arutyunov, the son of the legendary blues vocalist Nikolai Arutyunov. The legendary leader-vocalist of the first line-up of the group, Nikolai Noskov, will also take part in the concert.

It was due to the high criteria that the legendary rock band of the 80s already managed to enter the main US Billboard 200 chart with their album Gorky Park and win worldwide fame.

“The updated team has several excellent vocalists, despite the fact that there is also a leader vocalist. In addition, a feature of the style and creative personality of the current composition of the PG are two virtuoso lead guitarists, which is absolutely unique, because There are no such teams in the world,” noted Stas Namin.

According to bass guitarist Marco Mendoza, today’s “Gorky Park” is a standard of performance and sound, and is joining the new lineup of band with honor and luck: “I grew up in Mexico, 30 years ago I already heard about the group “Gorky Park.” Becoming a member of this team was my dream, but I could not even imagine that this would come true.

The concert program includes songs that were performed at the SNC-35 festival, new works written by Stas Namin and Oleg Izotov, and remakes of popular world hits, such as “Masters of War” by Bob Dylan, who highly appreciated the version of Gorky Park. The concert will also feature the famous, well-known hits of Nikolai Noskov in the version of the Gorky Park group.