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"These Free Butterflies" - performance in New York, New Jersey and Philadelphia in July 2019

“These Free Butterflies” is a performance for an adult audience, staged based on the play by the famous American classic playwright Leonard Gersh.

This is a lyrical comedy about love - touching, funny and sad at the same time. An intriguing story about freedom of choice and creative professions. The main character Don is a blind young man who dreams of becoming a musician. Young Donald, having gotten rid of the excessive care of his loving mother, begins an independent life in his own apartment, even if it is a cluttered attic. He meets the young actress Jill, who lives through the wall and dreams of becoming a Hollywood star and does not hide her obvious sympathy for Donald. The young man writes songs, and life seems wonderful, and the future seems bright...
She is bright and bold, eccentric and extravagant, he is touching and romantic, she wants to flutter through life like a butterfly, he learns to be free from prejudices and restrictions, but only mutual affection makes them truly free.

People's Artist of Russia  Valery Garkalin

in the play based on the play “These Free Butterflies” by American playwright Leonard Gersh.

Director Sergei Tereshchuk.