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25 October 2025   13:00

Oceana Theater

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Musical "The Little Prince"

Based on the fairy tale by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry, poems and plays by Natalia Makuni

In this fairy-tale story, Exupery addresses both your readers and adults: this is a philosophical tale about love, responsibility, devotion, selflessness - very serious and interesting things, told simply and clearly. Deep and serious things become understandable, told in simple and sincere words of the writer. Concepts such as love, responsibility, loyalty, selflessness are revealed suddenly, and the vivid images of Exupery are imprinted throughout life. Children and adults can expect to meet unusual characters: the cutesy Rose, the power-hungry King, the honest Lamplighter, the wise Snake, the kind Fox and the main character - of spontaneous and trusting Little Prince, who will reveal to us the miracle of every day and the importance of the political factor. The musical performance goes beyond the usual boundaries of this amazing story and includes touching.

Ages 6+

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes (with intermission)