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Children's fairy tale "Vasilisa in the Dark Kingdom" in Brooklyn, New Jersey and Philadelphia

VASILISA in the Dark Kingdom

The best gift for any child is a book with fairy tales, opening which you can find yourself in a magical world full of various secrets and riddles. We have such a book, from the pages of which fairy-tale characters come straight into the auditorium, taking you on an amazing journey.

Here is Vasilisa the Beautiful, and next to her is Ivan the Fool. But they are already in a hurry, hurrying through dense thickets, difficult-to-pass forests and swampy swamps towards extraordinary adventures. On the way we will meet Kikimora and have some tea and bagels from her. While visiting Vodyanoy, we’ll try our hand at the science of shipbuilding and even learn to speak a little mermaid! But the main test lies ahead - this is the Dark Kingdom, the lair of Koshchei the Immortal himself! Getting there won't be so easy. Everyone will have to show what they are capable of. To the sounds of drums, rattles, plates and spoons, our song will flow along with dancing, jokes and jokes! Together we are not afraid of anything! After all, friendship will give our hearts courage and courage, and laughter and joy will help us overcome any obstacles along the way!
Join us soon! A magical book of fairy tales is waiting for you!!!

Duration of the performance: 1 hour
Age: 3+
Author and production director - Alla Reshetnikova
Characters and performers:
Merchant - Alexander Orlov
Nanny - Olga Sarycheva
Vasilisa - Taisiya Vvedenskaya
Ivan - Pavel Konyok
Buffoons - Alexander Shugarov, Anastasia Karachevskaya